Committee on Energy, Industry and Research (ITRE)

The severe impact of climate change, which manifests itself in rapidly changing weather patterns, a rising sea level, and more occurrences of freak weather events, has an increasing effect on our daily lives. Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are driving climate change and are continuing to rise. How can the EU deal with these challenges after the Paris Climate Change agreement in December 2015?

Dear Delegates,

Firstly, congratulations on making it to the international MEP session. It is a fantastic, trying, and rewarding experience. We are looking forward to working with you drafting a resolution on this very current issue!

The problem we will be tackling has been steadily gaining worldwide attention for the last few decades. As members of the Committee on Energy, Industry, and Research, we will be looking at climate change, its negative effects on our daily lives, and the continuing rising levels of Greenhouse gas emissions. Our question revolves around the many severe impacts of climate change, but also we will debate on possible prevention methods to combat this ever-growing problem.

In order to ensure a good resolution will be written, it is imperative all delegates know this issue inside and out. With that in mind, we have prepared for you some preliminary readings for you to get a good grounding in this topic. As you go through these resources, begin forming your own opinion on this issue, but, of course, in the committee you will be presenting the view of the country you are representing. Of course, further reading is encouraged!

We hope these resources will be useful, and good luck!

Your Committee Presidents:

Austria (M) – Maximilian Emil Heintschel
Italy (M) – Giacomo Preti


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Impacts of Climate Change:

Paris Climate Change Agreement:

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