Dear Members of the Model European Parliament,

On behalf of the Presidency it is my pleasure to welcome you at the 45th International MEP Conference.

Twice a year MEP Europe gathers bright young minds across national borders to tie the youth of Europe together. During your stay in Copenhagen you will experience a community, which is only possible due to the unique concept of MEP.

During your stay, we hope to push all of you 170 delegates to the limits of your capabilities. The issues that you will be working on cover a wide range of challenges the EU faces: e.g. the migration crisis, gender equality, reducing the gap between the political elite and civil society. The most important thing to bear in mind while working in 10 committees is to engage in one another’s differences in a way that is forthcoming. Now more than ever Europe needs a constructive and open debate about the issues of tomorrow. Whether you oppose the EU or nationalistic tendencies your voice is equally important, and we hope to bring forward these differences.   Thus it is the ambition of this Presidency to facilitate not only a professional General Assembly but also one that will ensure a constructive environment where mistakes or unpopular opinions are not discredited.

Besides the hard work we hope that you will enjoy the many cultural opportunities our city provides. The Copenhagen MEP team has been working hard to make this conference possible, and we are all excited to welcome you to our small and charming city.

Yours sincerely,

Lawand Hiwa Namo

President of the General Assembly
MEP Copenhagen